​Eventually your buyers are going to conduct an inspection. You may as well know what they are going to find by getting there first. Having an inspection performed ahead of time helps in many other ways: 

​1-The seller can choose a certified InterNACHI inspector rather than be at the mercy of the buyer’s choice of inspector. 

​2-The seller can schedule the inspections at the seller’s convenience. 

3-It might alert the seller of any items of immediate personal concern, such as radon gas or active termite infestation. 

​4-The seller can assist the inspector during the inspection, something normally not done during a buyer’s inspection. 

​5-The seller can have the inspector correct any misstatements in the inspection report before it is generated. 

​6-The report can help the seller realistically price the home if problems exist. 

7-The report can help the seller substantiate a higher asking price if problems don’t exist or have been corrected. 

​8-A seller inspection reveals problems ahead of time which:

  •  might make the home show better. 
  • gives the seller time to make repairs and shop for competitive contractors. 
  • permits the seller to attach repair estimates or paid invoices to the inspection report. 
  • removes over-inflated buyer procured estimates from the negotiation table.

9-The report might alert the seller to any immediate safety issues found, before agents and visitors tour the home. 

10-The report provides a third-party, unbiased opinion to offer to potential buyers. 

11-A seller inspection permits a clean home inspection report to be used as a marketing tool. 

12-A seller inspection is the ultimate gesture in forthrightness on the part of the seller. 

13-The report might relieve a prospective buyer’s unfounded suspicions, before they walk away. 

14-A seller inspection lightens negotiations and 11th-hour renegotiations. 

15-The report might encourage the buyer to waive the inspection contingency. 

16-The deal is less likely to fall apart the way they often do when a buyer’s inspection unexpectedly reveals a problem, last minute. 

​17-The report provides full-disclosure protection from future legal claims.

Copies of the inspection report along with receipts for any repairs should be made available to potential buyers.

electrical panel(s), breakers and fuses; 
grounding and bonding; 
GFCIs and AFCIs; 
fireplace damper door and hearth; 
insulation and ventilation; 
garage doors, safety sensors and openers; 
and much more.Type your paragraph here.

Home Maintenance Inspection

The most important thing to understand as a new homeowner is that your house requires care and regular maintenance. As time goes on, parts of your house will wear out, break down, deteriorate, leak, or simply stop working. From time to time, even the most vigilant homeowner can miss small problems or forget about performing some routine home repairs and seasonal maintenance.

I can help you with maintaining your home. Consider hiring me to come back in about a year to perform a Home Maintenance Inspection. I'll evaluate all major systems of the home, including plumbing, heating, electrical, HVAC, and structural. I'll help you keep your home in good condition and prevent it from suffering serious, long-term and expensive damage from minor issues that should be addressed now. Let's keep your home in great shape together!

Don't forget to schedule your Home Maintenance Inspection!

Our Full Inspections include:

roof, vents, flashings and trim; 
gutters and downspouts; 
skylight, chimney, and other roof penetrations; 
decks, stoops, porches, walkways and railings; 
eaves, soffits and fascia; 
grading and drainage; 
basement, foundation and crawlspace; 
water penetration and foundation movement; 
heating system; 
cooling system; 
main water shut-off valve; 
water heating system; 
interior plumbing fixtures and faucets; 
drainage sump pumps with accessible floats; 
electrical service line and meter box; 
main disconnect and service amperage; 

                                                                                             Whether you’re buying or selling a home,

                                                                                           you’ll want to hire an InterNACHI-      

                                                                                           Certified Professional Inspector.   As a

                                                                                           member of the International Association

                                                                                           of Certified Home Inspectors, I represent  

                                                                                           the best-trained and most highly qualified

                                                                                           inspectors in the business.

InterNACHI is the world’s elite home inspector association because its membership requirements are the toughest in the industry.

Here’s what you get when you hire me:

I  follow the inspection industry’s most comprehensive Standards of Practice;
I abide by a strict Code of Ethics, which puts my duty to my clients first;
I’m required to continually update my skills, training and education by taking the industry’s most rigorous Continuing Education, created especially for home inspectors by top experts, and accredited by nearly 1,000 state and regulatory agencies across North America;
I provide a $10,000 Honor Guarantee™;
I use the latest in inspection tools, technology and reporting software; and
I offer specialized and ancillary services, in addition to standard, full home inspections, so that I can meet your specific inspection needs – just ask!

Your home is probably the greatest purchase you will ever make.  As an InterNACHI- Certified Professional Inspector, I urge you to protect your investment and protect your family by hiring me.  I’m proud to bring my expertise to each inspection I perform, and I will do my best job for you.

Contact me now to schedule your inspection! Luis A Crespo

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